One more, no more!

I am standing for election to HCC for a second term. If elected, I won’t be standing in 2026. This is because I believe firmly in term limits. In the absence of action on this from the State or any other level of government, I will enforce one on myself.

There are many elected members at every level, who are elected term after term after term, because they can be. They have the privilege of brand recognition and the financial benefit of holding their office to bring to their re-election campaign, which puts new candidates at a significant disadvantage.

While experience is a good thing to bring to the decision-making table, I believe serving as an elected representative for a decade or more means you will lose touch with the community you represent. This is because belonging to the political class, literally makes you a member of a separate class. People with long-term experience in the public sector and as long-serving elected members should step back and act in advisory capacities, to make room for others to have the privilege of representing their community. I believe that new blood brings new ideas, perspectives, and the opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to represent the community. That can only be a good thing!