Fixing our public transport system will improve access to our city- especially for low income and disabled folks. It will also ease traffic and parking problems, and reduce carbon emissions. Better for us, better for our planet.

Public transport: one of those tricky problems that nobody wants to take full responsibility for. It's delivered via a complex set of state funding to Metro, Redline and other providers, with councils responsible for maintaining some of its infrastructure (like bus shelters, separated lanes, and some signage). It's confusing, and both locals and travellers know that our public transport system is totally inadequate.

With UTAS moving into the CBD, making sure our public transport services and infrastructure will work for the changing needs of our community is important now more than ever.

We can do this by:

  • Making public transport free for targeted groups. The 5 week period of free public transport rolled out by the State Government earlier this year was deemed a huge success. It was in response to the rising costs of fuel and living, and saw a 15% increase in public transport use. It also allowed people to travel more freely to areas they wouldn't normally, meaning it helped families and communities to be more connected, and was also good for businesses. Check out this ABC article for more info on our 5 week trial, and this article examining the pros and cons of making public transport free everywhere for more info.
  • Rolling out and connecting up fully separated bike lanes.
  • Getting the Northern Suburbs Light Rail up and running.
  • Developing real-time tracking for Metro services.
  • Expanding the ferry network.
  • Improving our footpaths- they need to be wider and evened, with more gentle gradients and ramp access for wheelchair, scooter, walker and pram users.

Much of this can be done through council, with the rest possible through collaboration with surrounding local government areas, and State and Federal governments.

If re-elected, I will be focussing heavily on improving access and mobility for our city by advocating for making our public transport systems better and more equitable for everybody who lives in, travels to, and participates in, our city life.