Jax Fox for Hobart City Council: Round 2!

Politicians don't have to be pricks

I can't believe this was 4 years ago. What a ride! I'm standing for round 2 of HCC this October, because representation matters. And there's so much more work I need to do.


I'm standing again because I want to keep working to change the culture of local politics. I think the current system is designed by the people it benefits- I think it's corrupt, inefficient, and unkind. There are a lot of good people both in the organisation and the community who are working for the benefit of others, but we need more diverse voices representing the changes we so desperately need.

I think things can be better, but only if we work from the bottom, up. Why are we hosting fancy, catered events for the wealthy and well-connected when we have people freezing and starving in our streets and parks? Why are we celebrating the skyrocketing price of properties as investments, when nobody I know can afford to rent or buy in our city? Why should we be talking about height limits instead of addressing urban sprawl or transport-- especially when people on fixed or low incomes keep getting pushed further away? Why haven't we got inclusionary zoning? Why aren't we pushing for more medium density developments in inner areas? Why are we so afraid of doing things differently?

I haven't got a perfect record, but I certainly do have a record of doing things differently. And I've got results. I've worked for the last four years to push for the changes I see in our community to be reflected in our decisionmakers- celebrating our diversity and helping those who need it most, first.

There's tons more I want to keep working on, and will keep working on regardless of whether I get re-elected or not. But having the platform of public office will definitely help further the cause.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to collaborate, always get in touch. You can find me at my day job, slinging flowers and coffees in Sandy Bay, or head to the contact page for my details.